Vision and Missions of the the Faculty of Art and Architecture

 | Post date: 2019/07/16 | 
The Faculty of Art and Architecture is an active center in innovative and interdisciplinary fields of Art, Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning. The faculty has passionate and skillful faculty members applying new teaching and research methods related to the high demanding topics, and has motivated students in scientific and cultural agendas, in a suitable teaching and research environment rich of artistic and authentic values.

  • Enhancing the academic capabilities of the faculty in the interdisciplinary agendas based on the potentials of Kharazmi University;
  • Playing an effective role in the integrity and the brand identity of Kharazmi University;
  • Providing a high-quality education using the latest teaching methods and the best practices;
  • Providing an education space based on national and international standards.
  • Developing scientific and educational cooperation with foreign countries;
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial and professional skills of students;
  • Improving collaboration between industry and the university.

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