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Department of Urban Design and Planning

 | Post date: 2019/07/16 | 


More than half of the world’s population live in cities. Cities are not only a place for habitation and the related services, but also they are the stimulants of the economy, the place of capital accumulation, and are the factors for regional competitiveness to attract the elites and creative people. Nowadays, the concept of development which is the final goal of every economic sector and social groups depends on providing a better quality of life for citizens. Urban Design and Planning, is a multidisciplinary discipline that applies its methods, techniques and tools, as well as other knowledge and sciences including economy, sociology, statistic, geography, psychology, environmental engineering, transportation and traffic engineering, civil engineering and etc. to prepare plans and solutions for the improvement of the quality of life in cities. Currently, the urban planning education is offered in all academic levels and various fields.
Department of Urban Design and Planning at Kharazmi University offers a four-year undergraduate program entitled Bachelor of Arts in Urban Development Engineering. Our Department is committed to the advancement of knowledge through innovation and research. Focusing on the current and future concerns in urban planning, we follow the education methods encouraging the improvement of our student’s knowledge, their professional skills, and creativity.

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