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Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the University of Kharazmi was founded in 2016 A.D, with launching three fields of architecture, urbanism and philosophy of Islamic Art. The Board of Trustees of the University had approved the fields of graphics, painting, repair, industrial design and research of art previously in the year 2015 A.D.


The Philosophy of establishment of the Faculty of Art and of the University of Kharazmi 

Art and architecture is undoubtedly one of the greatest needs of human society and a main factor of dynamism, vitality and survival of communities in general.
Art and architecture on the one hand has an important role in the cultural cultivation and advancement of the lofty goals of the Islamic community, (The Holistic Scientific Map of the country has a special attention to the process of theorizing and localizing this matter and its conformation with the values of Iranian-Islamic art and architecture) and on the other hand, with the capabilities and potentialities of University Khwarizmi which is a great university and has scientific experience in different areas, the Faculty of Arts and Architecture will increase the prestige of this university even more.
 This matter can solve the existing shortage in the field of art and architecture, and especially recover the fundamental and theoretical issues in question, and meanwhile expand this art in the region and consequently in the Muslim world.
As little has been done on education and research in the field of art and architecture, with its unique potential in such areas, the Khwarizmi University will step forward to do a lot in this respect, and the faculty members of arts and architecture at the University of Kharazmid can take effective step towards the Iranian-Islamic culture and achieve lofty goals.


Goals of the Faculty of Art and Architecture

- Provide the background for the recognition of Iranian-Islamic art and architecture;
- Create a port of entry to the introduction of modern scientific methods in art and architecture;
- Laying the groundwork for theocratizing the native arts and architecture;
- Create continuity between past and present architecture and urban planning;
- Open an effective communication with other branches of sciences for interdisciplinary studies art and architecture;


Strategies for achieving the goals

Will particular attention to the potentialities of the University of Kharazmi, strategies can be submitted in several ways. 
 The integration of education, research, skills and entrepreneurship;
 Training courses, meetings and conferences.
 Effective communication courses of academia and industry and society;
- Establishing of research center for interdisciplinary and scientific hub

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